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cover photo All about the 3rd Pillar Private Pension Scheme All about the 3rd Pillar Private Pension Scheme

To ensure better lifestyle of the citizens after retirement, Switzerland has introduced a better and more effective pension scheme. The Switzerland’s pension plan stands on three pillars- 1st Pillar, 2nd Pillar and 3rd Pillar. The 1st pillar represents the pension advantages in the form of state benefits, 2nd pillar in the form of occupational and the 3rd in the form of personal pension. While 1st and 2nd pillar are mandatory, the 3rd one is optional and is operated by banks and financial institutions. The 3rd pillar (3ème pilier) is basically a form of individual work insurance where the contributions are subtracted from the taxable income. The pension amount depends on the availed scheme. It is not a mandatory pension scheme, which is also a little difficult to understand. However, it is a great scheme for the citizens to enjoy their post-retirement life without any financial worry. To have the proper benefits from this scheme, it is very essential for the Swiss citizens to have a comprehensive analysis of the scheme.

The 3rd pillar pension plan is further categorized as the pillar 3a (pilier 3a) and pillar 3b. The pillar 3b does not provide much freedom on taxes, whereas the 3a enables the citizens to save more on their taxes. The 3a therefore is comparatively flexible, offering more benefits to the Swiss residents. To avail the advantages of the 3a pillar scheme, one can pay a fix amount of his/her income into the pension plan. The amount is to be paid to the specific insurance company or bank through which one avails the pension scheme.

To understand the 3rd pillar pension plan with the comprehensive details of all the prospects, one can head to It is an informative portal that walks one through the entire pension scheme of the 3rd pillar. They also explain the proper difference of the 3a and 3b pillars. The Swiss people can have all the necessary information about the 3rd pillar insurance (3ème pilier assurance).

Moreover, they break down all the complexities of various schemes of the 3rd pillar, so that people can take a well thought of decision to avail proper advantages from the scheme.

If you too are finding it difficult to understand the 3rd pillar pension idea, then you can visit

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