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Marissa Katz: An Active Private Voice Teacher and Vocal Coach's Event

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Marissa Katz: An Active Private Voice Teacher and Vocal Coach

Marissa Katz: An Active Private Voice Teacher and Vocal Coach

Music can ignite our minds and increase our level of creativity. It is a universal language that transcends all communication barriers and touches every heart and soul. Music can help us express what alone we cannot put into words. It also brings together people of different cultures and nationalities and helps spread the message of peace around the globe. Many people have a great interest in learning how to sing whether it is professionally or as a hobby. It can feel like a daunting task to learn how to sing alone which is why it can be very helpful to seek guidance from a well trained and experienced music professional. Marissa Katz is one such well trained and skilled coach providingNYC voice lessons.

She is a private vocal instructor who has performed lead roles in various musicals and operas. She started her formal training at the age of 14 and received her Bachelors of Music, Vocal Performance back in 2001. She also possesses great skill and understanding in improvisation, bel-canto technique, and overcoming performance anxiety. Marissa Katz offersvoice lessons New York Cityto students interested in not only growing as singers or musicians, but as overall artists.

Through music we can learn how to release our emotions and convey our diverse life experience through song. Every music lesson is tailored for the specific needs and goals of each and every student. Marissa Katz uses specialized vocalizations, specific breathing and relaxation techniques and dramatic exercises throughout her voice lessons. She helps students develop self-confidence through hervoice lessons in NYC, and makes them realize their true potential to achieve their goals as singers, musicians and artists.

Her lessons include vocalization based upon Bel-Canto technique, breathing and physical awareness, song interpretation, song selection, and overcoming stage fright and performance anxiety etc. Through music one can also delve into the world of sound and music healing to free people from their physical and emotional wounds including trauma, hurt, pain, childhood fears, regret, sickness and loss. She also provides leadership guidance to students who wish to develop stronger public speaking skills.

If interested in learning how to sing, then please contact Marissa Katz. For music lessons and other details, call 516-557-4587 or visit

Dec 17 2015 at 12:00 AM - Dec 19 2019 at 12:00 AM
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