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Master Jie: A Gifted Energy Healer's Event

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Master Jie: A Gifted Energy Healer

Master Jie: A Gifted Energy Healer

Stress is the major problem of today's generation. A hectic, stressful job, unorganized home life, bad habits such as unhealthy eating, smoking and drinking leads to stress. Many studies have shown that stress causes a lot of problems like lower back pain, chronic pain, depression, anxiety etc. There are many natural ways which can help you improve your health.Chi energy healingis one of those ways. Chi is a Chinese word and chi energy is referred to as the life giving energy, vital energy that unites the body, mind and spirit. Chi is also considered as the basis of acupuncture treatment.

If you are suffering from any health disease, then Master Jieenergy healing Melbourne, Australia is the leading natural therapy center where you can find the best solution for any health related issue. Master Jie is the founder of chi energy healing formula. He has a natural power to locate blockages and tendons in any part of human body, by sight and touch. He is also a member of Australia energetic healing association. Master Jie has great ability to introduce chi energy into the body, which could result in the improvement of illness and reduced pains. Master Jie's center also provides various services including energetic health session, individual health assessment, health regimen teaching, workshops etc. His assessment helps in achieving the holistic improvement of health and mind. Some workshops are also conducted by him to reduce the stress and pressure so that you can achieve a healthy and calm mood.

Apart from chi energy healing, Master Jie's center also conducts special programs like personal rehabilitating program, headache treatment program,Parkinsons disease treatmentprogram etc. Parkinson's disease is a progressively degenerative disorder of central nervous system which mainly affects the human motor system. Cause of this disease varies from person to person. Current medical research is not able to find the main cause of the disease in individual cases, but Master Jie can identify the actual problem. Master Jie's healing process, in case of Parkinson's disease, helps in strengthening immune system, reduction of tremor improvisation in sleeping and motor movements. For living a happy, healthy and harmonious life you can take the advantage of Master Jie's teaching program. This program covers study of diet, nutrition, physical exercises, meditation, life philosophy and much more. Once you register there, you will be able to receive consistent and practical advice from Master Jie.

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Dec 17 2015 at 12:00 AM - Dec 12 2019 at 12:00 AM
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