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Main activities

Group of activities 1: Carrying out exchanges of good practices (common workshops) for identifying the components of common educational programs to be developed in the project

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• Workshops in two of the partner countries – 2 workshops in English language, one in Romania and one in Turkey
• Brochure "White paper of good practices within the common educational programs", where the educational system existing in the partner countries

Group of activities 2: Development of common educational programs regarding the promotion of educational values, etc; the course modules will be available online in digital format through an educational portal

• Development of facultative/free of charge course modules on educational topics per each university: "Capitalizing on the regional identities in the educational development and identifying the educational paths in the Black Sea area"
• Development of the modules in digital format (eLearning platform) for the partner universities
• Promotion and implementation of the modules developed within the partners universities
• Carrying out regional partnerships (between educational environments from the same countries – at least 1 partnership /country) in order to implement the new modules – free access to modules "based" on partnership
• Developing two student exchange program in Turkey Universities for students with outstanding results obtained by participating in the implemented modules

Group of activities 3: Strengthening the regional identity through carrying out a virtual community between universities (both teaching staff and students)

• Black Sea Social network – Creation of a social network /exchange of experience between the students participating in the modules developed in the 4 countries (individual profile + common channels)
• Portal development, createing a news network of the universities and dissemination within the portal the information related to the project

Group of activities 4: Visibility of the Action

Group of activities 5: Management and coordination


Last Updated: 10 June 2014