Last Updated: 04 June 2014

Educational Expert

Andrei Groza received his degree in Law from the Free International University of Moldova in 2000, his PhD in History from the Academy of Sciences from Moldova in 1985 and Docent from the Superior Commission of Attestation in 1996.

He is Professor in Law and Administrative Sciences at the Administrative Sciences Department of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Moldova from Chisinau, where he is also the Head of Administrative Sciences Department.

Mr. Groza is the author of 24 works like: „An unknown history of the Romanians"(III-XIV centuries), (pag. 48), Chisinau, Civitas, 1997; „From unknown history of the Romanians" (I-XIV centuries), (pag. 72), Chisinau, S.n, 2001; "Patrimony of administrative territorial unit and patrimonial aspects of decentralization"/ Local Elected Guide, (pag. 185-194), Chisinau, Academy of Public Administration, 2011; "Considerations regarding administrations which succeeded on the territory of the Carpathian Mountains, the Black Sea and the river Nistru in I-XIV centuries"/ Theory and Practice of Public Administration: International Scientific-practical Conference, Academy of Public Administration, 22 May, 2012, (pag. 9-10), Chisinau, 2012; "Considerations regarding Russian State nationality from IX-XIII centuries or about Getic Russia (unglory)/ Materials of International Scientific Theoretic-practical Conference "University law in the context of promoting European values", 15-17 October, 2012, ULIM, (pag. 99-104), Chisinau, 2012.

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