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Last Updated: 26 March 2014


Ateş USLU received his Bchelor's degree in International Relations from the Galatasaray University in 2005 and his master degree in History from Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne University in 2005-2006, and his PhD in History from Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne University in 2006-2010.

He is Assistant Professor in Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at Political Science and International Relations department of Istanbul Aydin University from Istanbul, Turkey. He is teacher in project. He knows English and French very well. Ateş USLU is the author of scholarly articles and book chapters which are; Uslu, A. (2005c) "Intellectuals of Central Europe between Empire and Nation-State", Central European Political Science Review, 6(19): 116-125., Uslu, A. (2011) "Nations, nationalismes et identités nationales en Europe au XIXe siecle: approche historiographique", in Guida, Francesco & Eric R. Terzuolo (ed.), Nations and Nation States in Danubian/Balkan Europe (19th-21st Centuries): From the Periphery to the European Regional Space, Paris: L'Harmattan, 115-135., Uslu, A. (2012a) "Demokrasi" [Democracy], in Atılgan, Gökhan & E. Attila Aytekin (ed.) Siyaset Bilimi: Kavramlar, İdeolojiler, Disiplinler Arası İlişkiler, İstanbul: Yordam Kitap, 123-137., Uslu, A. (2009b) "György Lukács (1885-1971)", in 1900'den Günümüze Büyük Düşünürler (I. Cilt) [Great Thinkers since 1900], ed. Çetin Veysel, Istanbul: Etik, 65-117.