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Andrei Șaguna University


"Andrei Șaguna" University from Constanța, Bdul. Al. Lăpușneanu nr.13, 900961,


Rector:   prof.univ.dr. Adrian Cristian PAPARI

Chairman of the Board:   prof.univ.dr. Aurel PAPARI

Vice-rector:   conf.univ.dr. Gabriela Munteanu

Vice-rector:   conf.univ.dr. Andra Seceleanu

Senate President:   lector univ.dr. Ghiursel Regep

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"Andrei Saguna" University from Constanta applies a transparent policy of recruitment and admission of students, which is done according to the Regulation of organization and carrying of admission. For college places without charge, a contest for admission is held. The exam stages and the specific references for this contest is displayed and published at least 6 months before registration starts. For a college fee place, it is organized a selection of files, taking into account 30% average baccalaureate grade, 40% average in high school years of study and 30% specific test.



The scientific research activity is a basic component of the mission of the University "Andrei Saguna" from Constanta. The objectives of the "Andrei Saguna" University in Constanta regarding the scientific research are:
a) participation in national and international scientific research programs;
b) participation, through academic community's scientific research activity to the enrichment of the heritage of culture and universal knowledge;
c) the capitalization of the results of scientific research;
d) the stimulation of funding for scientific research, design, expertise and advice, through contracts with economic agents and other institutions and organizations;
e) facilitating the acquisition of necessary skills for scientific research by students, graduate and doctoral students;
f) development and modernization of research facilities.
The scientific research Center, which is organized within the University, was established in order to focus and develop professional experience, to conduct a performing scientific research in juridical sciences, communication, international and community relations, economic, psychology, sociology, and public administration, by stimulating collaboration, exchange of ideas and capitalization the experience of all specialists in the University Center, while helping and encouraging students' research.
The center is open to scientific collaboration both between all institutions and units in the field in Romania and abroad, for which there may be done bilateral agreements, and in national or international programs.



For 20 years, the University has developed international cooperation relations with similar institutions, in close relation to the specific needs of the area.
Since 1998, the University "Andrei Saguna" is part of the Black Sea Universities Network, along with 81 other universities from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Greece, Moldova, Russian Federation, Ukraine and Romania.
Fructifying its involvement in cultural and scientific activities in the Balkans, the University organizes a permanent exchange of delegations with similar institutions from Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Greece.
In 1998, the University received from the Foundation the official nomination as official representative of Constanta in relation to Shanghai, in order to conduct cultural and scientific programs with institutions from China.
Since 2011 , the University is a member of the EURAS and founding member of the Black Sea and Caucasus Cooperation Network.
UAS participates in many scholarly EUROPEAN programs such as LIFELONG LEARNING



"Andrei Șaguna" University from Constanța is organized in 4 faculties and 4 departaments.
1. Faculty of Psychosociology

Main field of study:

  • Psychology

2. Faculty of Economic sciences

Main field of study:

  • Finance
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Accounting

3. Faculty of Communication studies and political sciences

Main field of study:

  • Communication studies
  • International Relations and European Studies

4. Faculty of Law and Administrative Sciences

Main field of study:

  • Law
  • Administrative Sciences

1. Psychology Departament
2. Human social sciences department
3. Economic Sciences Departament
4. Master of Science Departament

Finance & banking management
Finance and business administration in tourism and services
Deviance and delinquency
Media communications, public opinion and informational management
Clinical Psychology

Last Updated: 02 June 2014