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Gabriela Iuliana Munteanu

Last Updated: 01 August 2014

Financial Manager

Gabriela Iuliana Munteanu graduated from the Faculty of Economic Sciences, Finance – Accounting specialization at the "Andrei Şaguna" University of Constanţa in 1999 and did the doctoral studies in Cybernetics and economic statistics in 2008, at the Economic Sciences Academy of Bucharest.

Currently, she is part of the academic staff of the Economic Sciences Department of the "Andrei Şaguna" University of Constanţa, and since 2010 she holds the position of prorector of the university. Published works and studies: The use of statistic polls in the analysis of the money markets, The capital market of Romania – progress, risks, perspectives, Managerial Statistics – "Andrei Şaguna" Foundation Publishing House, Economic activity risk indices system, Analysis methods of the insolvency, Diagnosis of the "financial health" of the firms that are rated on the capital market through the fundamental analysis, Modelling the investitors behaviour based on the ordinary theory of utility, Risk identification instruments - VALUE AT RISK methodology, The relationship between profitability and economic risk in business. Methods for establishing profitability thresholds (co-author Meha Mohamed Askar-Modern Academy R.A. Egypt); Price movement mechanism at the Bucharest Stock Exchange (co-authors Traian Pele, Vergil Voineagu) – Romanian Statistics Revue (B+ category), ISSN 1018-046X.

Has coordinated the projects: The continuous professional development of the Mathematics and Economic Sciences professors in the society of knowledge, POSDRU (solicitant - coordinating institution "Andrei Şaguna" University), project manager, project ID 63698, Funding contract E 9485/9.12.2010, with the value close to 4,5 mil Euro and Docento Europeo : Move'in science, (partners from Italy, Belgium, Slovakia, Lithuania, Germany) 13648-2007-IT-COMENIUS-CMP with the value of 467.989 Euro(coordinator Associazione SEND, Palermo, Italia).