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20th - 23rd of October,2016

The International Conference ”Security and Stability at the Black Sea” is organized by ”Andrei Saguna” University of Constanța, in partnership with the Academy of Romanian Scientists and The Romanian Chamber of Commerce and will take place in the interval 20th - 23rd of October, at the University`s Headquarters. The conference is financed by The National Authority for Scientific Research and Innovation.



At the conference will be debated aspects of stability, security and cooperation in the Black Sea area, from the political, economic and military perspective, given the strategic importance of the region and the fact that the regional dynamics is heavily influenced by the mutations happening in the last few years in the Europe, Middle East and Asia areas.

Debates and interventions will also focus on the different perspectives of the states from The Black Sea basin regarding cooperation in the area and also in the analysis of the regional risk factors.

The conference will end with a workshop dedicated to the identification of the elements of cohesion and of the efficient means of communication in the multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-confessional environment, specific to this area, aiming to facilitate the creation of the necessary partnerships for the elaboration and imlementation of projects meant to contribute to the regional development and stability.


Keynote speakers


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Last Updated: 10 October 2016