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Project Final Conference

On Saturday, 7th of March 2015, the works of the of the University collaboration network at the Black Sea – UNIVER-SEA.NET Project Final Conference, developed at the headquarters of the "Andrei Șaguna" University of Constanța were completed.

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poza Final Project ConferenceThe project, which was developed for a 24-month period, was funded by the European Union within the Black Sea Basin Operational Programme 2007-2013, the management authority being the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration.

The"Andrei Șaguna" University of Constanța, the beneficiary of the project, had as partners the Istanbul Aydin University (Turkey), the Karabuk University (Turkey), the International Black Sea University, Tbilisi (Georgia) and the Academy of Public Administration, Chișinău (Moldova).
The works opening was done in the presence of Mr. Ion Constantin - Prefect, Cristian Gheorghe Darie – Vicepresident of the County Council, Marian Vasiliev - Senator, Mariana Gâju –Mayor of Cumpăna, Adrian Stan – Mayor of Techirghiol, who made reference in their speeches to the importance this project has, for the creation of a common cultural environment in the Black Sea basin as well as for the promotion of the educational identities and through the capitalization of the regional identities

At the conference, members of the diplomatic corps of Constanța also participated, representatives of the partner universities of Romania, Moldova, Georgia, Turkey, leaders of the local ethnic communities, high representatives of the religious cults, leaders of some institutions of Constanța, accademic staff and students.

The participants emphasized the fact that the project represents just a first stage of knowledge and closeness, of trust and appreciation exchange, reason for which, the Academic Community at the Black Sea, founded within the project, formed of over 60 higher education institutions from the Black Sea basin, assumed as strategical objectives for the following two years, the perfecting of the Bologna Process, the development of efficient methods of intercultural communication, the elaboration of some security studies regarding the identification and analysis of the risk factors of the area.

Through the participation of the representatives of the National Agency for Employment, of the County Authority for Young People and Sport, it was emphasized the importance of continuing the project for the development of human resources, by changing the trend of the workforce mobility, for economic, social and cultural development in our own communities.

The particularly appreciated presence of His All Holiness Todosie, the Archbishop of Tomis and of Mufti Murat Iusuf, symbolized once again the success of the interethnic, interconfesional Dobrogea model, element of good practices appreciated by the participants, especially in the current worldwide context within which interethnic and/or religious tensions are exacerbated.

The discutions of the 3 days were focused on the necessity of regional interuniversity collaboration, development of the internationalization between universities, implementation of innovative teaching technologies, development of academic staff and students mobilities within the Erasmus+ or Mevlana Programmes.

But the most important result of the project refers to the young people, over 150 students from the four countries participating at a common course developed in the virtual environment, supported by a international and interdisciplinary team, having an innovative approach on the teaching techniques, managing not only to improve their competences, but also to create true frindship bridges. In addition, some of them participated for a month at the internship programme in Turkey, their representatives sharing the attendees at the conference the personal experience of their collegues, for whom the project represented a beautiful experience, that enriched them spiritually and emotionally.

The event ended with the Honorary Diploma and „Andrei Saguna" University Medal award to the main participants of the project as well as to the officials who agreed and supported the demarches which contribute to the strengthening of the identity and future of the Black Sea region.


pdfClick here to open Final Conference Agenda

pdfClick here to open Project Final Conference - Presentation

pdfClick here to open Project Final Conference - Presentation 2



Last Updated: 10 October 2016