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Student Internship

In February 2015, students of the "Andrei Șaguna" and "Ovidius" Universities will participate at an internship in Turkey organized within the European Project University collaboration network at the Black Sea – UNIVER-SEA.NET, developed by the "Andrei Șaguna" University, financed by the Black Sea Basin Joint Operational Programme, together with collegues from Turkey, Moldova and Georgia.


The programme will be developed in Turkey, at the Karabük și Aydin (Istanbul) Universities, on a period of two weeks each, starting from Tuesday, 3rd of February this year.
The "Andrei Șaguna" University, the higher education institution which implements the project, has as partners the International Black sea University from Tbilisi (Georgia), The Academy of Public Administration from Chișinău (Moldova), together with the two turkish universities mentioned.

The internship programme from Turkey follows the course cycle from November – December 2014, developed within the project under the title of "Capitalizing on the regional identities in the educational development and identifying the educational paths in the Black Sea area"

The courses, successively broadcasted from the lecture hall of each partner university, were attended by over 150 students, from 10 universities, which are part of the Accademic Community at the Black Sea, formed in the on-line environment, 21 participants being selected at the end of the course for the internship programme. The works were developed in English and benefited of innovative teaching techniques through the Database with centralized administration, of the "Andrei Șaguna" University, equipped with high performance servers and last generation educational programs. The project's platform was used for developing at the same time face-to-face activities as well as blind-learning and online conferences, all course attendees and accademic staff interacting in real time. It was achieved, thus, a natural dialog framework between students and lecturers of different nationality, culture and religion, which favours the development of harmonious relations in the region.

The activities, implemented by the organizers in the curriculum of this programme, are numerous and varied: meeting during which the students will present significant aspects from the history, culture and civilization of their native countries, lectures on multiculturalism and intyerculturality, of ancient and recent history, debates which have as object especially the cross border cooperation between the Black Sea region countries, the visit of some historic sites (Safranbolu, which is part of the UNESCO patrimony, the Genovese site from Amasra, Kastamonu, city founded in the 18th century b.c., and others), museums and memorial houses (the Atatürk house from Florya), water painting workshops (Ebru Art), to which is added the visit of some famous nature reserves, natural monuments ( The Crystal Canyon, Bulak cave).

These are just some of the elements from the rich agenda of the internship, which come to complement the cultural and educational activities provided by UNIVER-SEA.NET, which are meant to contribute to the creation of a common cultural environment in the Black Sea Basin. The internship will be completed with the evaluation of the benefits brought by the participation of the students to this ample interactive cultural programme.

Launched in Aprilie 2013, the UNIVER-SEA.NET Project comes to its end. The network, of which initial nucleus was formed of five universities, includes now 54 higher education institutions, constituted in the Accademic Community at the Black Sea, which acts as a true development engine in the educational. Scientific and cultural fields, biulding a dynamic platform of the regional cooperation. Romania is represented within UNIVER-SEA.NET by 15 higher education institutions, including, from Dobrogea, the "Andrei Șaguna" University, the „Ovidius" University and the „Mircea cel Bătrân" Naval Academy.

The reason for developing this project was the launching of a reflection process over the identity and future of the Black Sea region, which would contribute to the growth of mutual trust, to facilitate real and efficient collaboration forms in both cultural and educational fronts and, at the same time, to lead to the identification and elaboration of some pragmatic projects, which would give an impetus and support to the cultural evolution in the pontic basin area.


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Last Updated: 17 March 2015