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1st Worhshop:

University collaboration network at the Black Sea – Univer-Sea. Net – capitalizing the educational develompment in the Black Sea Area. The manifestation took place between the 12 and 15 of September 2013, in Constanta.

Air Jordan

The central theme of the workshop, the promotion of the common educational values and the capitalizing of the regional identities, had the purpose of bringing back in the attention of the academic community and of the wide public the profound and long-lasting historical and cultural connections, which were established throughout the centuries over the nowadays external frontiers of the European Union, aiming the foundation of a common cultural environment in the Black Sea Basin.

At the workshop, teams from all 5 partners universities have participated, formed of academic staff and students who approached in their presentations themes like: the higher education system, quality assurance, framework of qualifications, and examples of good practices from each partner university.

In this workshop, the students shared national cultural values, traditions and legends. The participants have become knowledgeable about traditions, legends and myths of Romania, Moldova, Turkey and Georgia. The partners found the opportunity to discuss their prejudices. They have shared people's traditions and cultural values combining them with modern living in contemporary society example.


pdfClick here to download 1st WORKSHOP Agenda

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