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First Conference

Last Updated: 09 October 2016

The "Andrei Saguna" University of Constanta organized the "University collaboration network at the Black Sea: common educational values" International Conference, which took place in Istanbul, Turkey, between the 9th – 11th of October 2014,

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within the "University collaboration network at the Black Sea – UNIVER-SEA.NET" European Project, funded by the Black Sea Basin Joint Operational Programme

   At the opening of the works, the Secretary of State of the Ministry of National Education, Prof. Gigel Paraschiv, Ph.D, The President of the National Council of Rectors from Romania, Prof. Sorin Mihai Cîmpeanu, Ph.D, The President of the National Council of Rectors from Moldova, Prof. Grigore Bolostecinic, the Rector of the "Andrei Saguna" University of Constanta, Prof. Adrian Cristian Papari, Ph.D, the Rector of the Academy of Public Administration from Moldova, Prof. Oleg Balan, Ph.D, the Rector of the Istanbul Aydin University, Prof. Yadigar Izmirli, the Vice-Rector of the Karabuk University, Prof. Ali Gunes, Ph.D, have emphasized the importance of the network in the area and the necessity of interuniversity collaboration, for the regional development and in the benefit of education.

   The project manager, Andra Seceleanu has presented the opportunities the project platform offers to the members of the Academic Community at the Black Sea, platform which has enough technical capacity to allow the extension of the beneficiary universities community. The specification has been fructified by the Moldavian delegation of Rectors, of which the Rectors of the universities from Gagauzia and Tiraspol were part of, and who decided that all universities from the Republic of Moldova will join UNIVER-SEA.NET.

   The participants have emphasized the importance of the European project for the creation of a environment favorable to the interuniversity collaboration, for the promotion of democratic principles and European values, and they have signed the collaboration protocols which are at the basis of the Academic Community at the Black Sea – UNIVER-SEA.NET.
The presentation of the "White paper of good practices" represented a moment of satisfaction for those who contributed to its realization and a opportunity for the appreciation of its content. The volume is the result of the works from the workshop organized in Constanta in September 2013 and approaches themes such as the national high education system from the countries participant in the project, quality assurance, the national framework of qualifications, together with valuable examples of good practices gathered from the partner universities.

   The prestigious academic conclave has validated the value and success of the project and expressed its certitude that in a short period, the results will fully confirm the expectations of the network members. At the end of the Conference, the Rectors and Vice-Rectors who represented the partner universities have embraced the resolution the "Andrei Saguna" University has brought forward. Its Initiator, Prof. Aurel Papari, Ph.D, has quoted the wise dictum of the Turkish poet and philosopher Yunus Emre: "Let us love and be loved, no one inherits the world" and argued the necessity that he's Resolution would stipulate that at the basis of the Academic Community at the Black Sea will be the culture of friendship and that friendship must be the message sent by the academic environment to the entire multiethnic, multicultural and multi-religious community which populate the pontic geographical area.

"To be friends so that we can live in a world of friendship at the Black Sea is a noble goal of the project, an European principle and is today of a greater importance than ever" said Aurel Papari, the President of the "Andrei Saguna" University, the applicant and beneficiary of the project, emphasizing at the same time the role of Turkey in the creation and maintenance of a friendship climate in this region.


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